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I'm not feeling a blog, quite yet . . .

Studio Museum Black and White Photography of Art

A Sister Goddess of mine suggested I start blogging today.

With a cool, 'nah, I'm gud' feel, I respond:

"I'm not really feeling blogging, quite yet."

That same Sister Goddess, my sissie-in-law, lovingly known as "Coffemate" declares, "it's time for you to start a blog.

"In my mind, a vlog, or whatever hybrid medium of getting my 'feels' out in the open I conjure up, but bottom-line, "it's time to do it." 


First time blogging. A swallow gets stuck in my throat. Trepidation, runs a muck. Downright, "dig ya heels in" kinda-resistant to the idea of offering my written speak, up for public consumption smacks me silent.

My Sister Goddess, relentless. She wouldn't let up. As she described all the options, it was like she had a katalogue of versions of this future blog. I envision painting my thoughts all over it, but:

I didn't budge.

Until, "Why don't you just write what just happened."

Not sure if she meant to, but that simple "write what just happened" was an invitation. An invitation to show up. Show up right where I'm at. No pressure. None, to be anything but me. Right here, right now, in the present. And, that's what I would blog about. "Not feeling a blog, quite yet."

So where am I write now, after not feeling a blog, quite yet? Glad I started. Also, ruminating on this photograph above.  I took it yesterday while in Harlem. I was deep in the energy of Harlem, conjuring human evolution through healing type-thoughts, and, enjoying the now. 

Anyhow, I was there with some high school photojournalism students in collaboration with Dr. Cheers of San Jose State University, and Dr. Cheers of George Washington University #REIMAGININGHARLEM and enjoying the museum. I saw this piece. It instantly drew me in, "photograph me."

Completely makes sense as I've also been ruminating on the idea of "othering" anyone as essentially, a divorcing from self. Emotionally destructive indeed. The whole, "we are the world" approach as like, the antidote.

Soooo, this piece was an affirmation for my speak as of late. For me, there is no "other." There is only We. We is Me.

Conversely, Me, We.  

Since it's been on my mind, this literally stole my breath as I turned the corner at the Studio Museum and looked up to see, this.

To my Sister Goddess, Coffemate, thanks for the reminder that it's divine right to start right where I am. You, have that right as well. WE, all do.

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