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Shelf life:

Kithchen Khemistry soufflés and butters’ main carrier butter, raw, unrefined shea butter, has its own natural preservatives. The natural fatty acids found in it are very stable. This works out because it makes for a relatively long shelf life. The same is true for the naturally present vitamins A, E, and C, as well as the naturally occurring antioxidants found in our products. These natural preservatives create an average shelf life of 12 – 24 months when cared for and stored properly. Some folks add rosemary, and/or vitamin E to extend the shelf life a few months. Both of these can be found in our products. Storage will greatly impact the shelf life of your butter so here’s a bit about how best to do that.


How to store:

  1. Keep water out of container - especially soufflé and butter, as it will hasten spoilage

  2. Keep oil/soufflé/butter in a cool area

  3. Store in darker areas, away from direct sunlight

  4. Do not mix old products with new products

  5. Do not over heat if you decide to melt soufflé/butter AND, avoid repeat melting

  6. Do not leave in car with windows closed or similar situations


What to expect if it melts down:

When it re-solidifies, it often has a grainy consistency as it crystallizes a bit. It also is a bit more translucent much like when standard food butter melts then cools and re-solidifies. It is not as effective now, as the nutrients are weakened.


What to expect with water intrusion:

While mold will not likely begin to grow, the product, which is plant-based will begin to go rancid. Usually, it smells a bit off. Sometimes, very off.  This leaves that moldy, hard-to-get-rid-of smell that wet towels sitting too long in a dryer can bring. This can happen with oils as well.


Generally, butters and oils do not like too many extreme temperature changes, and do not work well with water. If you want to preserve your deliciousness, keep it in a cool, dry, even dark area with lids on. This will slow down oxidation and keep your products in great condition.

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